A long time ago I started taking photographs of all the ad agency folks I worked with over the years because I knew somewhere down the road my feeble mind would forget all the love we shared shoulder to shoulder producing commercials about things you don’t need.

Will WooletMike BrowerRobin Dobson (RIP)Michael O'ConnellSusan BertocchiLyle Shermer
Kevin ShaleGreg GibsonKaren GoodmanGary ReschJennifer WilsonEddie Van Bloem
Dana EisenbergMary CheneyDeanna ShennConnie SorrelsChris PerryDennis Greeley
Dave BiermanEubin KimDavid CardinaliColleen MeehanDaryl WarnerBridgette Wisnett
Greg AuerAlan MajewskiJohn BorchardtFred LindTim WoodAndrew Cahill
Carolyn BergenGE%20Appliances7_x370Gary Van DzuraAlex SpakAndy LandauGE%20Appliances10_x370
Mike FisherGreg SimontonGreg SzmurloJoe BerkeleyGE%20Appliances6_x370Hal Goodtree

"Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make."
Bill Bernbach