Mercedes cAR

Plates, plates and more plates.

Edwards Lifesciences

Me and my shadow...


What she said...


Stay light on your feet with a little help.

Harley Davidson

I got your vacuum...


Leave your mark.


Knowledge…courtesy of DirectTV

Citizens Bank

Shot this at the Santa Monica Pier.  Happy to discuss that process….

Iams-Jody & Levi

This is a story about a man and his dog in Baton Rouge, LA.


A co-op job with McDonalds and Coca-Cola. Can I get a witness?


The trick with this job was not waking the neighbors up with the dragster engine noise from that Monster Truck.


“Yes Dear”…we’ve all been there…boys AND girls.


This was truly run and gun. We tried to make it as “worldly” as possible


The Blind Barber, a speakeasy in NYC and it’s creator.

Shakespeare Camp

Kids…they say the darnedest things...

Taylor Made

In light of the most recent U.S. Open…hold still for Dustin Johnson, among others.

Yard Fitness

A viral like no other.


Shot entirely in the cavernous streets of Chicago.  Fantastic crew on a beautiful day.

Suntrust Bank

Poor guy.  How would you like waking up to a different family?

Hebrew National

A trusted name in the hotdog universe.

A medium. So called because it is neither rare nor well done."

Ernie Kovacs